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Pre-K is important because it provides a great foundation for Kindergarten.  Pre-K teaches children to be curious about how things work and find answers by offering hands-on experiences and opportunities for them to learn about things that apply to their lives.  Children also learn vital classroom behaviors, such as, how to wait their turn, how to share, how to deal with frustration and how to solve conflict.
Academic skills:
  • Word building & decoding
  • Reading & writing common sight words
  • Counting up & back, and by 2s, 5s & 10s
  • Adding & subtracting
  • Understanding fractions
 We help your child develop critical learning skills needed for elementary school:
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Managing work independently
  • Handling strong emotions
  • Critical-thinking (reasoning & analyzing)
  • Independent reading
  • Reading for purpose & understanding
  • Writing to communicate ideas
  • Understanding place-value 1s, 10s, 100s
  • Analyzing & comparing 2 & 3-dimensional shapes
  • Using the scientific method to study their world

Nevada state law requires that your child be 4 years of age on or before September 30th to attend Pre-K.
Documentation required for Pre-K registration:
  1. ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE-We will copy and return the original
  2. CURRENT Immunization Records
  3. Parent ID-State issued picture ID
  4. Any court documents regarding custody/parental rights (if applicable)
  5. Check stubs or Tax Returns
PRIORITY GIVEN TO (e.g. homeless, foster, military, and tribal) children.  Children needing service after 5 hours will pay for wrap around services based on center rates.  *Lease/sale agreement will require a utility bill within 30 days.  If bills are not in your name you must include a notarized residential affidavit and include a copy of permanent resident ID and one proof of address. For additional information regarding registration, curriculum and school information please contact us directly by calling 702-647-4907